Bowling Rules

Updated 12/13/17

You may not add players to your team once registration is closed.
6 players maximum per registered team
3 players minimum (at least 1 female) required for your team to begin a game

Each match is 1 hour and 30 mins
3 players minimum (at least 1 female) required for your team to begin a game
Please try to arrive a few minutes before your start time to insure a smooth transition between games

Your team, and your opponent, depend on you to field a full team and have a competitive game
If your team forfeits a game, the team will be subject to a $50 penalty fee via the team captain
100% of this fee will be donated to a local, non-profit charity -- this season it will be Make The Road NYC
Any team that fails to pay this penalty will not be eligible to return the following season
Any team with 2 forfeits will not be eligible to return the following season
Please contact the League Manager if you know in advance that your team will need to forfeit

Players may not cross the foul line on a throw
Teamscan bowl as many games as they can in the allotted time with a minimum of completing at least 1 game (teams of 4-6 players should be able to play 2 full games in 1 match)
Top 3 players of 1 game submit their team score -- must have at least 1 female submit a score
Teams cannot submit a combined score from multiple games -- the top players 3 must all come from the same game
If a team does not complete all ten frames in the time allowed, the total pins of frames that have been bowled will be counted.
Teams can choose to have players sit out for a game, but they must have already bowled at least one game.
Players cannot change the order during the entire match.
If a player bowls out of order, the teammate which they has bowled for will then go in place of that player on their next turn.  
If a player bowls in the opposing team's lane, that team will need to erase the frame thrown by the wrong player on the scoreboard.
Contact the League Manager to enter scores once your match is completed.

Tiebreakers for playoffs will be as follows:
1. Winning %
2. Head-to-head record
3. Highest total cumulative pin score
4. Coin Toss

Players are required to wear proper bowling shoes (free shoe rental is included in the league fee)
Balls will be provided at The Gutter, but you can choose to bring your own
Free NoPro ball towel / bandana will be distributed before your first game -- tell your team captain what color you want to rep!

It's a bowling league :)

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