Indoor Soccer Rules

Updated 10/10/14

A. Rosters

- A team will field 5 players (4 and a goalie), at least 2 of which must be women.
- Teams can start play with only 1 woman but then will have to play down one man.

B. Gameplay
- (2) 18-minute halves with a 2-min intermission.
- Game time is kept by the Referee.
- No overtime during the regular season.
- 10 goal mercy rule -- play will continue but no team can have greater than a 10 goal differential.
- Unlimited amount of substitutions per game.

C. Playoffs
- It will be a seeded tournament, but the exact format will be determined one the final number of teams is set.
- Teams that do not make the playoffs are still invited to participate in the consolation bracket.
- Tiebreaker rules will follow…
1. Number of wins
2. Goal differential

D. Forfeits
- Teams will receive a forfeit loss of 5-0.
- Teams that miss two weeks of play will be removed from the season schedule and will forfeit their registration fees.

E. Uniforms & Equipment
- Uniforms are required and will be the responsibility of the team.  Feel free to get creative with you team names and colors! 
- If a team player fails to wear the uniform for two weeks, the team will be deducted one point from their goal differential.
- Temporary uniforms (pinnies) will be available for rental.
- Balls and goals will be provided. Ball size TBD.
- Players are encouraged, but not required to wear shin guards.

F. Goalies
- Goalies can't touch the ball on a throw in or if their own player kicks them the ball.
- Goal kicks can be taken inside the penalty area.

G. Penalty Shots
- Penalty shots will be given after any tripping or handball call in the goal box.
- They do not have to touch another player prior to going in the goal. 
- Shots may be attempted by the same gender of any member of the fouled team as long as they were on the field at the time of the foul.

H. Penalty Cards
- Verbal warning issued
- Yellow: player forced to sub out for 5 minutes
- Red: player ejected

I. Misc
- There are no offsides – indoor soccer is a game of positioning.
- A free kick is awarded if the Ref considers any act to be too aggressive and/or unsportsmanlike.  
- Handballs are called at Ref’s discretion -- accidental handballs will not be called as to not disturb the flow of the game.

J. Alcohol policy
- Alcohol is strictly prohibited on the premises of the gym.  Save it for the bar after the game!

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