Volleyball Rules

Indoor Volleyball Rules


Co-ed, 6-on-6 (at least 2 females)
6 players per team -- at least 2 females
If a team is short females, they may play one player down.  
Teams must have at least one female present for each game to count.
Players are required to wear your team's t-shirts or will suffer a penalty -- penalty TBD.


Each team will play 3 games played to 15 points -- teams must win by 2 points.
Standard scoring will be used for the first 10 minutes of each game -- then games will switch to rally point scoring.
Standard scoring:  points can only be scored by the serving team.
Rally scoring:  either team can score, regardless who is serving.


A coin toss will determine who will begin serving the first game.  
The team that lost the coin toss of the first game will begin serving the second game.
The winner of the second game will begin serving the third game.
A serve cannot be made until the whistle is blown.
A served ball can hit the net.


After a team is awarded a serve, they will each rotate one spot, clockwise.
Balls that land directly on the line are considered in play.
Balls that make contact with any non-volleyball gym structures (basketball hoops, ceiling, etc) will be considered out of play.
Slapping or scooping the ball will called as a violation.
Stepping partial on the centerline is accepted, but stepping completely over the center line is a violation.
Substitutions can be made only to the server position and only upon rotation.
Teams are allowed (1) 1-minute time out per match.


NEW in 2015, we will be providing all teams and free agents with official NoPro team uniforms.
Players are required to wear your team's t-shirts or will suffer a penalty -- penalty TBD.
No jewelry is allowed during play. If one cannot remove said jewelry, the player’s eligibility to participate in the game will be under the discretion of the ref.

Alcohol Policy

Alcohol is strictly prohibited on the premises of the gym.  Save it for the bar after the game!


Determined by...

1) Number of wins
2) Point Differential

Team that do not qualify for the playoffs will be participate in our consolation playoff bracket.

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